Capacity Building

Sustained action is essential for achieving the long-term benefits of having a healthy local food environment. Building capacity within your team, your organisation and your local community, will create the building blocks to sustain action and growth within your local government area. Being clear and deliberate about building the local government’s capacity to progress continued action in this area can help maintain your strategic momentum and embed it into your local government’s core work.

Opportunities for action

  • Provide council leadership on healthy food planning and coordination.
  • Allocate resources and identify financial sources to sustain healthy initiatives.
  • Create partnerships with local food networks, Aboriginal communities, and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.
  • Promote community engagement by strengthening ties with existing networks and investing in community capacity-building initiatives.
  • Embed the principles of healthy food environments into council policies and plans.
  • Get to know your local food environments.
  • Build the local picture with data and evidence.