NOTICE: Access to the Guide is restricted to pilot project participants at this stage.
Participating local government staff can access the modules, tools and resources via the login tab.


To help local governments create, develop and implement Local Food Action Plans that promote and support healthy and sustainable food environments.


By completing the online Guide, local governments will have a documented:

  • Community Food Profile Report that summarises current local trends, practices and initiatives across the natural, built, economic and social/cultural food environments.  The demographic, health and program information contained in the report can be used to support grant submissions, community and stakeholder engagement.
  • Local Food Action Plan that can be used as a stand-alone strategic document, or integrated into local public health plans, or strategic community plans.

Who is the Guide for?

Those whose work impacts on local food environments, such as environmental health officers, public health and health promotion officers, community well-being officers, community service staff, community engagement officers, open space and land-use planners, strategic planners, policy staff and managers.

Note, completing the Guide may require collaboration between staff across diverse portfolios.